Available Fish

Prairie Springs Fish Farm is delighted to offer hearty fish varieties in a range of sizes for all your stocking needs.

Rainbow Trout

We raise rainbow-troutKamloop Rainbow Trout, which are renowned for their hardiness and fast growth. Available in sizes from 3″ to 15″, these fish tolerate a wide range of temperatures and water conditions well. The Kamloop Rainbow Trout has an average life span of 5 years and grows to 25″, so you can be sure that they will bring great fishing fun and superb eating to any pond or lake. Prices vary on the Rainbow Trout by size but average at $.30 per inch.


Add diversity donaldson-steelheadto your pond with Steelhead! These hybrid steelhead have sturdy trout genetics, and while they grow larger and live longer than trout, they do not require going to the ocean. Seen to the left at 3 years old, they are especially prized for their growth and fly fishing aggressiveness. Our Steelhead are available in similar sizes and prices as trout. Prairie Springs Fish Farm is the only licensed producer of Steelhead fish in Oregon.

Stocking Guidelines

The number of fish to stock depends on pond size, water quality and flow, feed and other factors. A good rule of thumb is 500 fish per acre of water 12 feet deep. Frequency of replenishment depends on fishing volume, predators and winter kill, but usually adding one third of the population every 2 years keeps the population full and fishing successful.

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