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Pond Supplies

In addition to live fish, we offer Pond supplies for weed control, aeration, and maintenance.

We are distributors for Airmaxeco pond and water garden products and we ship our products directly via UPS. Click on our store to see the products or Click here to view to their catalog. We now are distributors for Kasco Marine as well. We pride ourselves on supplying a variety of high quality pond supplies and products to meet the needs of our customers.

Fish Feed

Many customers enjoy feeding their fish to improve fish health and growth. We can supply very high quality fish feed in 50 lb quantities in the size appropriate for your fish. The feed has high protein and fat with beneficial trace minerals for maximum growth The feed can be delivered with your fish or shipped to you on a regular basis via UPS. Click on our store if you’d like to order feed.

Pond Design & Construction

All great fishing starts with a good pond design. Depth, size, and water flow are critical to good fish health. We can provide complete information on ponds, improvements to existing ponds, or simply proper spillway and outlet design to insure you meet ODFW requirements.

Contact Us

If you have a pond construction project and are in need of supplies, please contact us via our web form or give us a call at 541 987-2131 and we’ll review and quote your project.

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